According to the late,Dr. James Overman, ND in his book Overcoming Parasites Naturally,” Most people ingest some mycotoxins (mold toxins) just before coming down with a cold. Adenovirus causes the common cold.” “After a cold progresses to a certain stage it will continue until it goes through its entire course.”
So beat it before it beats you. The virus can double every few minutes. Eliminated sugar,drink plenty of water and rest. Sugar feeds the virus, dehydration and exhaustion prevents flushing your system from the invaders.

Besides my Zapper, here is a list of other remedies I keep on hand:

Coldcalm and Oscillococcinum- the second one, I stock up on all year, because stores  tend to sell out during flu season. :/

bioAllers brand Mold,Yeast & Dust and in Texas, Tree Pollen 

At the first thought of a health concern,See this website, for just about every remedy under the sun ,with no side effects. Please know that this won’t take the place of a proper diagnosis. However, If you have an initial health concern, try a natural remedy first.

do TERRA brand oils At least Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Tea tree and On Guard Join as a preferred customer for $10.00 to receive a 20% discount. Also check out the Family Physician Kit ,to convert your medicine cabinet.

PS. I recently used my Lemon oil to make an Italian Lemon cake, it was the hit of the party!!!

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