Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?

I've been a skin care specialist since I was seventeen. I began my career in the world of cosmetics, working for the Ralph Lauren skin care and makeup company. I was young and had no lines...Women in the industry taught me the benefits of having a daily skin care...

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I use Sei Bella Makeup

My all time favorite makeup was Ralph Lauren produced by Warner-Ralph Lauren Cosmetics. Ralph Lauren’s makeup had a very natural look and feel. I loved it! I traveled all around San Antonio and Austin, Texas. I worked Thursdays through Saturdays at Dillards, Joskes,...

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Beat the common cold before it beats you

According to the late,Dr. James Overman, ND in his book Overcoming Parasites Naturally,” Most people ingest some mycotoxins (mold toxins) just before coming down with a cold. Adenovirus causes the common cold.” “After a cold progresses to a certain stage it will...

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We are born and we will all die. The journey in-between can be a life of health and vitality or of diseases; it is YOUR choice It really does come down to the pH of the body and its effect on your health. Yours in good health, Dr. Mark J. Cochran, BS, ND

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Mascara should be replaced often. After each use wipe applicator clean with tissue. It is better to run out of product than to use it dry. However, thin out clumpy mascara by adding a few drops of Eye wash solution. Melaleuca’s Bella Waterproof mascara and Bausch...

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Official At-Home Blood Typing Kit for the Blood Type Diet

Learn how you can choose to eat food that is helpful to your body, and avoid harmful food. To find out your blood type, see link below.It’s a simple ,inexpensive and  immediate way to test yourself.

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Long Life

“Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!” 1Samuel 25:6

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