Having been an advocate of pure therapeutic grade oils for quite sometime, I have researched both the legality and impressive results of CBD oil. There is quite a misconception concerning both. Although I have hemp seeds for my smoothie and raw hemp lotion for my skin and hemp capsules for Omega oils…When CBD is discussed it stirs up quite the controversy. Please allow me to explain.

In the States of Colorado and California, THC oil is legal. This is not what I’m referring to.

I had the two confused, until we recently had dinner with several CO State Representatives and the President of the CO Medical Society. During this dinner it was explained in detail by a Senator’s wife, that the CBD oil has no THC in it. THC is the chemical in Marijuana. My mission has nothing to do with THC.

Upon returning home I began my investigation. My goal was to indeed find out how to obtain a legal prescription of CBD oil, for those suffering from epilepsy seizures and chronic migraines.

I found a recommended company; they informed me that a prescription was not necessary. I confirmed this with an attorney.

Here are the rules: If CBD oil is extracted from MATURE STALKS of INDUSTRIAL HEMP imported from OUTSIDE the United States AND contains less than 0.3% THC, it is legal.

“The testimonials heard from people that use these products for a wide variety of ailments, and really just over all well being and quality of life is tremendous! CBDs in this format without THC or THC-A are 50 state legal and do not need a prescription of any type.”


I bought the HALO CBD Infused Tinctures 1,000 mg .I began using 10 drops on the small of my back, the oil is absorbed into the Central Nervous System, for me it reduces over all inflammation and promotes a sense of wellness! I love it! It’s great. And there are no side effects

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