I’ve been a skin care specialist since I was seventeen. I began my career in the world of cosmetics, working for the Ralph Lauren skin care and makeup company. I was young and had no lines…Women in the industry taught me the benefits of having a daily skin care regimen. I’ve been faithful and it has paid off. It is far easier to prevent lines than to correct them.  I later learned that being healthy also contributed to beautiful skin. You’ve heard, ” Beauty isn’t skin deep” ? This is so true…Women would come to the counter for a “wedding make over” with build up and blemishes and expect makeup to cover over a multitude of sins. Pardon the expression. Eating right and proper skincare and most of all, from my personal experience, having the right mindset is invaluable to looking my best.

Dr. Mitra Ray, PH.D. born in Calcutta, a Biochemist and advocate for the Juice Plus Co.  wrote,“Do you have the guts to be beautiful?”Along with Dr.Jennifer Daniels. And “From Here To Longevity” with Patricia Cannon Childs both books have terrific information. ( I found them both used on Amazon) The first book however, is the one that simply explains how to reverse lines. Dr. Ray explains the causes and prescription for horizontal lines, vertical lines, bags under the eyes and so on. She also shares a very simple and inexpensive facial , I have found to be most effective.  www.DrMitraRay.com

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