Dear Mr. Presner,                                                                                                 June 22, 2018

While searching for a replacement supplier for parasite killing electronics, I came across your Ultimate Zapper technology article, including the EIS study, strength charts and comparison charts where I see the following quote concerning the Harmonic Quad zapper:

“I have made only one exception in the charts. Under “Superior Harmonics” I have disqualified all digital zappers because of the findings of electronics expert Dr. Howard May who tested the Harmonic Quad zapper. He proved conclusively that digital “zappers” do not produce any harmonics. Please note that while James Overman infers superior harmonics for his Harmonic Quad he never actually states that his zapper produces them. In fact, no maker except The Ultimate Zapper offers any proof for harmonics.”


I am not debating Dr. May’s findings.  I have learned from Dr. Overman’s book “Overcoming Parasites Naturally” to be a comprehensive well researched resource including life cycle charts beginning with Round Worm and ending with A protozoa with Cats as the Definitive Hosts. Also included are parasitic bacteria, toxins, flukes, fungi, microzymas, mildews, mycoplasmas, nanobacteria, protozoa and, slime mold case studies including photos with testimonials and herbal remedies when more is required for killing and repair. Of course, of have my own, as well has numerous testimonies from friends and family that the “Harmonic Quad zapper” is indeed very effective.


I have used and distributed successfully for many years the late Dr. James R. Overman’s Harmonic Quad zapper. In December of 2011 Precision Herbs, LLC received a warning Letter from the Department of Health Human Services citing that they were in violation of the FDA for marketing without approval many of their electronic devices. Regrettably, the company was driven out of business.


I would appreciate a discussion to understand better your view on the following:

  • If some species can redesign their vibration how can your unit kill them in less than three minutes
  • I have an accessory that works like the electrolysis foot soak, would you be able to offer this
  • Are you open to revising your comparison chart with the proper proof that Dr. Overman does in fact state, What makes a Harmonic Quad Zapper more effective than Syncrozap and Rife zappers (Page 75)
  • Clarify the  claim that the device I use is digital

Sigbrit Bakke

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