A TOWER GARDEN is better than a farmer’s market on your back porch!

Recently, I experienced the luxury of having a Tower Garden, at my finger tips. While visiting my sister, a Juice Plus Sales Coordinator in NC, We enjoyed picking vegetables and lettuces as we desired them. Romain, Arugula, Kale, Zucchini and Zucchini blossoms, simply a treat! And NO waste! No spoilage!

Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—just about any relatively sunny place outside.
Grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers
Tower Garden® is versatile enough to grow almost any crop, including fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce, herbs, and flowers.

Plus, thanks to its aeroponic technology and specially formulated Mineral Blend®, you can produce these highly nutritious fruits and vegetables in less time than it takes in soil. Gourmet lettuce and other leafy greens grow quickly and can usually be harvested just 3 weeks after transplanting.

Fruits and Vegetables,Beans, Herbs,Flowers. Both edible and decorative flowers can be grown in Tower Garden too.

For a complete list of growing options and to order yours today, Please see my website : www.sbakke.towergarden.com

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