From, Dr. Daniels’ Natural Beauty Facial in, “DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO BE BEAUTIFUL?”

Step 1) Prepare Mixtures:

Use two teacup size containers. Pour Bran/Berry pouch into teacup, add 2 Tbsp’s. warm water, stir into a paste.

Place 1/2 tsp.of  Vitamin C  into a separate container and add 2 Tbsp’s. of warm water, stir until dissolved.

Step 2) Prepare skin:

A) Remove all makeup thoroughly and gently cleanse face and décolleté with mild cleanser, rinse well and pat dry.

B) Place a hot washcloth over areas to be treated. Steam pores open for a couple of minutes.

Step 3) Dip cotton ball into dissolved Vitamin C solution and apply to all area wanting to treat, except the eyes.

(A stinging sensation should be noticed however if you exfoliate on a regular basis or have sensitive skin, you may with to skip this step). Allow peel to work for 5min. No need to rinse.

Step 4) Apply prepared Bran mixture: smooth paste on face and neck while leaning over a sink. Give this nutrient rich paste 5-10 min. to be absorbed and soften debris.

Step 5)  Use the pulp side of a (lemon wedge not included)  after squeezing out some of the juice, in a small circular motion exfoliate then scrape the mask off with the lemon rind. Rinse very well.I prefer to do this mask before washing my hair in the shower.

Step 6) Gently Massage, Frankincense /Jojoba oils into skin. Grapeseed oil is good also.

It is best if you have time to allow your skin to breathe an hour or so, before applying sunscreen and make-up.

This Gentle, Effective and Inexpensive Facial is good to add to your weekly skincare regime.


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