Heart wall

July 19, 2019


Trapped Emotions

My “Hidden Heart Wall” is cleared! I give all glory to The Creator, my GOD.

I give Him thanks for bestowing on me this grace and love filled scared practice, “The Emotion Code”. I’m thankful for Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Certification Program. Through the study of this practice and by the grace of GOD my heart is free! Self-erected and self-released. This energy work is simple, very logical and gives immediate relief both emotionally and physically. This work is available to all who will trust their own conscience. I discovered trapped emotions from as early as two yr.’s old. In my teens I began to erect the stone wall around my heart. By the time I learned of the “Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson this self-erected wall was 7 miles thick. This month, during the certification program I removed by clearing trapped emotions during four different sessions, with an average of 2 days to process. Today my heart is stone free to love and be loved.


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