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Sigbrit's Mission

Sigbrit Bakke is a Master Certified Health Coach. She specializes in the areas of improving overall health using the application of scientifically proven habits relating to lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. She assists clients of all ages in developing their own strategy by implementing their plan for issues such as pain relief, stress management and weight loss. She provides implementation tools based on the new scientific proof that we are in control of improving our overall health and wellness. Sigbrit’s mission is motivating her clients to overcoming the barriers between them and their desired wellness. Her goal is to provide the client with the tools for sustainable and lasting change.

Sigbrit studied health and wellness throughout her adult life. Her love for learning in this area led her to pursue her formal education and receive her Master Certification as a Health Coach.

She received both her Prime-Time Health Coaching Certification and the advanced Master’s Health Coach Certification through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Her training was intensely focused on sustainable behavioral change utilizing the *Transtheoretical Model for change. She practices applying the brilliant works of Dr. William Sears, MD, W. Miller, S. Rollnick, S. Orem, J. Binkert, A. Clancy and M.Rosenberg, PHD.

*Transtheoretical Model
This theory for achieving lasting change is guided by empathy and compassion and structured at the client’s own pace.

Questions to Consider
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Sigbrit's Education
Prime-Time Health Coaching Certification
Advanced Master’s Health Coach Certification
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
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