BootLeg Bath Salts

Bootleg Bath Salts

In 2014, with the desire to repurpose beautiful bottles, Bootleg Bath Salts began. Our salts are wrapped in twine for your safety, corked with a beautiful crystal knob, and filled with natural solutions to everyday needs.


Add 1/2-1 cup to a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes.

Enjoy a moment to relax, breathe and rejuvenate. 


Place 1/2 cup in the center of a hand towel, fold into thirds and drape around your neck for a shower compress.


Original Blend ~ Emotional Wellness Blend

For creating an atmosphere of safety, peace and comfort


Pure Ingredients: Lavender, Vetiver and Eucalyptus

These oils work together both topically and aromatically to

help relax, detox and soothe the body, soul, and mind.


Benefits of Each Ingredient

Lavender – Soothing, reassuring, tension reliever

Vetiver ~ Centering and grounding

Eucalyptus ~ purifying, refreshing, stimulating, and clarifying


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